We covered a lot of ground this morning.

Saturday mornings for the meetup was popular among the people who attended. The Fred. library was suitable to all. This enables an extended time if required.

Suggested topics to cover include:

  • Plugins – best, creating,suitability;
  • Themes – free, non-free, creating;
  • Analyzing members sites to see how and why they did things the way they did!;
  • Hosting: what services are available;
  • Security: plugins and techniques.

The Sept. meetup will be a workshop on:

  • How to start with WordPress – using wordpress.com.

Aug. meetup topic was to be decided.

Other notes: http://wordsesh.com/ is on 25th July 2018 – maybe of interest to members.

After the discussions, the presentation of auto-updating plugins and themes was shown, along with a completely unexpected and unplanned example of a bad plugin completely breaking a website.

I hope to see everyone next month.