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Meetup: 1st Sep 2018

Workshop: Setup your first WordPress website or blog with Please Note: This meetup starts at 9:30 and goes for 2 1/2 hours This session is a workshop for anyone who wishes to setup a WordPress website or blog using the free services from

Meetup: 4th Aug 2018

Security: Using CAPTCHA everywhere Basics: JetPack – What is it? Do I need it? Please note: This session will last 2 hours – from 10am to 12pm. Our 2nd session of the year will consist of 2 parts. WordPress Security: Implementing Googles CAPTCHA. There are...

Meetup Summary: 7th July 2018

We covered a lot of ground this morning. Saturday mornings for the meetup was popular among the people who attended. The Fred. library was suitable to all. This enables an extended time if required. Suggested topics to cover include: Plugins – best,...
Meetup: 7th July 2018

Meetup: 7th July 2018

First meet and greet This is the first meeting. It will be held at the Fredericksburg Library in Room 2. If you are interested in the group, but would prefer another day and/or time, please leave a message. Thanks. Room 2 @...